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Buried Volkswagen

Talk of driving yourself into a hole. This accident occurred on a 25mph road. No mention of how it occured but even Volkswagen must be impressed with the results of the accident. The car was built to survive off road. But it appears to have incredible resilence, on the road, off the road… and under..

VW Golf car crash

Pic of a volkswagen citi golf jumped red light at intersection on evening of 23 december 2008 at high speed. Driver was in critical condition in icu. Sent by David Thompson

Crashed Open

The doors and the trunk, and the engine are all exposed here. Did they have an accident and then just flee for their lives? Did they get rescued by an ambulance? It is hard to tell, but at a quick glance, it almost seems like there is a person in the passenger seat. Do you […]

Crazy Jeep Crash

I always have a hard time parking, but never this hard. Did the driver try to get the car straight and went into the wall? Once again it’s out of my imagination how something like this can happen. Right now I just feel sorry for the car taking the pain by the jeep. This is […]