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Toyota Nissan bash

A Toyota and Nissan share the spoils as both become involved in an accident along the highway. Considering the fabled efficiency of japanese cars, both appear to have come through it reasonably okay. Hopefully the occupants experienced nothing less than a shocking jar.

Rav4 knocked forward

It probably started out as a nice peaceful drive until the insane driver came charging in. The force of this rear crash appears to have knocked out the rear windscreen of the car. It also caused a sizeable dent in the cars framework. If the driver was not wearing his seatbelts during the accident, he […]

Night affair

A loud crash and startled screams drew this photographer and his friend to the scene where he was able to capture shots of this scene. From recounts, this accident involved the Toyota in front and the pictured sliver car behind. No mention was made on the severity of the injuries of the affected victims.

The underdog of the road

Did the grey car back into the red one or was it rammed from behind? The latter, which appears more likely, would do justice to the damage suffered by the tail vehicle. Sports cars are designed with sleek curves, low gravity bases and aerodynamic features which are aimed at given it better balance and speed […]

Car footstool

No. This is not really a real crash. But a simulated one. However the car is just as real as the object that is sitting on top of it. It might just be me, but the object looks weirdly happy. Almost as if nothing could be better than squashing a perfectly decent Toyota.

Auto Flips on RoadSide

Pictured is the results of a road side accident–The aftermath of a roaring engine. The damage to the car looks minimal and in this we can take some consolation. Cars are designed to be more adaptable to off-road conditions. It doesn’t mean you have to literally drive off the road.

Firefighters unite

Trapped in her car, a woman ( unseen in the picture) is being rescued by firefighters. I was unable to find out how the accident occurred but although the victims sustained injuries, none was mortally wounded. Fortunately for the occupants, the firefighters were able to pry them out of their situation!

Toyota slips down

No the ambulance did not run into the car. This looks like a familiar accident. A car going really fast, attempts to take a bend and is punished for its efforts. There is no word on the situation of the victims but given the soft damage level on the car, the driver should have escaped […]

Two cars with one result

From the dent on both cars,It’s easy to see what happened. The riddle now is to understand how it happened. The Toyota appears to have swiped the second car and then drifting into a spin. If that is the scenario , then the Toyota must have been moving really fast.

Car somersaults

This is the picture of an accident caught by a stunned driver. The smash looks really severe. It undoubtedly resulted in injuries for the occupants and the driver. The people in the background appeared to be engaged in some form of dialogue. Perhaps a message of caution to the individual responsible for the accident. Beware […]