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Street Corner Accident

Even from here it doesn’t look good. Emergency service professionals are crowded at the scene of an accident. It appears the victim (or victims) are still trapped within the car and are being attended too. Given the location of the accident, i hope no pedestrian ¬†was accidentally hurt during its buildup

Crashed Nissan

It never bodes well for the occupants of a car when the car flips and lands on the wrong end. Broken bones, shock and concussions are just some of the many things which they stand to suffer from. With any luck the occupants of this Nissan escaped unhurt. That is of course if they had […]

Nissan destroyed

When Nissan released this car it was announced that it carried excellent safety feature in front and behind. It appears they were right. Despite multiple flips the front and rear end of the vehicle still remains mostly intact. Fortunately the occupants of the vehicle were able to escape with only injuries to show for their […]

Nissan rammed from the side

Did the car get swiped by a running pole? Fortunately even though the car did not survive its impact without scars, the driver of the Nissan did. The repair work needed for returning the car to its former glory will be extensive. The body work will have to be changed, the engine most probably redone, […]

Icy Car Crash

Did you ever see one of those winter accidents? You know, the ones where it’s the snow’s fault? Or the ice’s fault? Driving in the ice and snow should not be approached like regular driving. Many people try to pretend like slippery roads don’t bother them so they drive extra crazy. Black ice is a […]

Jaws of Life.

When the Jaws of Life are used, you know the accident had to be terrible. This driver received the Jaws of Life after their car flew from the road to the tree to the field. This poor car turned out to be flatter then a pancake. How the driver and the passenger got out of […]

Car on Fire after Parliament Crash

Wow. Big fire that car is on. This is outside Japan’s parliament, unknown how it got there or set on fire. Is there a human? Is it just a sabotage? Anyway, it was probably crashed into the building so there must’ve been someone driving, which hopefully isn’t in there as we watch the picture. Cause […]

Four Boys In Hard Car Crash

Four boys partied in Christmas Eve and decided to head back home late at night. Of course you can smell the accident. Anyway, on their way home, they slipped on black ice and the rear ended up in the oncoming lane where a car was closing in. Obviously they crashed hard and both cars were […]

Car Crash Left Side

Now the story of this Nissan Altima is pretty unknown so all we can do is guess our way to reality. Like the photographer of this picture states it seems like it was about to turn left when it met an oncoming car and collided in high speed. I don’t know if that’s what happened […]

Ford Hit at Turn by Nissan

Always be careful when you will take a turn or enter a big road, otherwise you will end up like this. A Nissan hit this 1996 Ford ThunderBird when trying to do exactly that. The driver looked right and left, then left again while driving out but it was too late. He should’ve looked right […]