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Top 20 Accidents compilation: Number 11

With accidents almost anything is possible. How else do you explain this turn of events. Even worse for the guilty driver, this accident happens to have affected three particularly valuable vehicles. With a Porshe, Lexus and Toyota all involved, this picture deserves a placement in our year’s compilation.

Expensive parking

This is the true definition of an expensive accident. I don’t know how he managed it but somehow the driver of the Lexus SUV achieved the impossible.He parked on top of a Porsche and a Toyota Celica. The price of the Porsche is reported to be $70,000. The Toyota Celica in the neighborhood of $20,000. […]

Another Car Hits the Wall

When you get the car into gear, try not to destroy public property. It is good advice. Smacking into a brick wall is never a good idea. Even if you try smacking a wall without a car, it hurts. The car would be more damaged than you, but it will cost you more than repairing […]