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Sports car nurses pole

Of all the tragic ends to a sport car, this has got to one of the cruelest. A tragic stop in the middle of the road. 5 feet in any other direction and the driver would have escaped with only a pale sheen of sweat. But he was unlucky and drove straight. The rest, as […]

Ferrari runs into pole

There are very few cars as lovely as a Ferrari. And so it hurts me terribly to see one wrapped around anything but the adoring gaze of onlookers. I was unable to find out the state of the driver or how he ended up parking his Ferrari into a lamp but i can only imagine […]

Ferrari Crash

We were driving to my grandparents house when we saw this poor car in their neighbor garage. apparently girlfriend problems. Sent from Dan.

Half Car Wreck

Quite a bit of damage we have here, isn’t it? I wonder how much it would cost to replace the back half of this car. Where is the rest of it? Obviously it was knocked off by something larger at a high speed. I don’t see any tracks, so I guessing that it wasn’t a […]

Enzo Down and Crashed

Once again it deeplysaddens me to see a beautiful car, such asthis Ferrari Enzo, sustain the body damage as shown in this image. There isn’t any information on how this happened, but Icould onlyimagine feeling powerful behind the wheel of this roaring machine. It was probably some arrogant guy driving as though he’s Mario Andretti. […]

Ferrari vs Garbage Truck

This is a mighty Ferrari. Well, maybe not that mighty in the current state, but it sure was. The reason of this is rather funny. A garbage truck backed into it and pushed it all the way to a T-bird. I mean come on, is it so hard to see a Ferrari? A Ferrari, the […]

Ferrari Crash and Loose Left Side

Oh, this is really hard to watch. Poor 1998 Ferrari 355 GTS suffered this crash because of a bad driver, in too much of a hurry. It seemed as though he wanted to show off and he turned the corner way too early, which resulted in destroying the whole left side of the Ferrari. What […]