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BMW crash

During his period as Bond, Pierce Brosnan was always the proud driver of a BMW. The car never made it through the movie without suffering an accident but even James Bond was never involved in one as bad as this. The car appears to have been completely smashed as a result of the accident.

Hooded BMW

Hardly the way the makers of the BMW intended their prized automobile to look. From the angle of the damage, it looks like the BMW ran into something head on. The windscreen looks reasonably intact, and with a little bit of luck–i.e The driver had his seat belts on, the occupants of the car should […]

Clipped wing

Looking at it hurts. It always hurts when one of these belles of the road suffers an accident. With the door scratched and lifted , It almost looks like the marred mechanical wing of an angel. Once again a pride of the road has been lost. We can only hope that it will soon return.

Smashed in Rainstorm

Staring at the picture I felt a shiver run through my spine as I pondered the fate of the car’s occupants. The car lost control as it travelled eastbound during a raining storm. Midst it’s uncontrolled spin it was hit sideways by a speeding Chevy Tahoe. I was unable to confirm reports of how the […]

Poor BMW

This is one terribly mutilated BMW. I feel awful for the owner. I have no idea what happened but I hope they are still alive. This is a Series 5 BMW. Do you know how much those go for? They are between $40,000 and $50,000! That means really hurting pockets as well as emotional stress […]

Flaming Car

Talk about a hot ride! Who knows what set this baby on fire? I hope this person got out in time. I can only imagine waiting to become human toast. It’s certainly true that BMWs are flamable. Perhaps cars in general are flamable. Don’t play with matches while driving. Cars do catch fire in real […]

There’s No Crash like the Timber

I did say in one of my last posts to NOT park your car under a tree, it looks as though someone didn’t listen. What is the worst thing about this whole incident? It’s a beamer! That is correct a beautiful red BMW sits under that gigantic tree completely smashed. And the tree had to […]

Costly Car Fire

It’s never all right to come across an image that has a BMW engulfed in flames. This beamer’s driver was just a tad too busy with the phone and paper work to see this flammable truck that was stopped right in front of him. He was burnt on over 60% of his body, with third […]

It’s All Downhill From Here!

There’s nothing like a Sunday drivedown the cliff! Despite the long traffic lines and Road-ragged drivers, this couple decided to take a short cut but found the road was missing, and it was all downhill from there. It just goes to show Sunday drives in the country can be just as dangerous, if not more, […]

Drunk Audi Slam on BMW

When you drink alcohol and sit in the car to drive, you’re what some would call… stupid and pathetic. In this case a drunk driver did exactly that, he sat in an Audi and started driving probably with the idea nothing would happen to him. Well, guess what, something did happen to him – he […]