A Spare Tire
Is For Short Term Use.
Fix The Flat ASAP

A spare tire, especially of the ‘space saver’ or ‘donut’ type, is purposely undersized to take up less room in the trunk or wherever it is stored. It designed for emergency use only. As you will hear in the video, neither high speeds nor long trips are recommended.


Get the flat tire fixed as soon as possible. Pay attention to the maximum speed printed on the spare.

If the spare is on one of your drive wheels, be aware that the difference in size can add extra strain on your differential.

* * * * *

I had to use my ‘donut’ spare on one of my rear tires on my Lincoln one night. I found out when I hit 60 kph (40 mph) that my Trac Control took over, shut down the engine power to both wheels.

I had to coast down to 40 kph (25 mph) before I had power to the wheels again. I did not drive that way long!

* * * * *

If the spare is on a steering wheel (No, not THE steering wheel!), you should also know that know that it can cause under-steering, especially on a long tight curve like an on or off ramp.

The spare tire is not only smaller than your other steering tire, it is also narrower and may tend to ‘roll over’ on a turn.

By under-steering I mean that the tire could over emphasize the turn, making the vehicle veer or turn suddenly and sharply.

At medium to high speed this could lead to going off the road or even rolling in a higher vehicle such as a minivan or SUV.

Find a place to stop for the night, if on a trip, and fix the flat in the morning.

Even if the flat happens on your daily commute at home, don’t push it. Fix it ASAP.

As always drive safe, drive smart and…

Enjoy The Ride.