Buying Tires Is Easier
Using A Trusted Source
Of Tire Testing Results

Before buying tires I like to make sure that I am getting the best tire for my driving needs.

I use Consumer Reports as a reference. I trust them since they exist on membership dues and accept no advertisements or products for testing. Here is a non-affiliate link to a Consumer Reports page on tires.

They test a wide variety of consumer goods, all of which they buy. Here we are talking about tires.

They also confirmed my suspicion about winter tires. Yes, there is a measurable difference in traction on ice and snow. When comparing top of the line tires it is not significant. Apparently it is also less on cleared roads.

I use all season tires as I do most of my driving in the city and have never felt the need for snow tires as there is very little of it here in Toronto. All season tires also give me the best balance between handling and long tread life.

I know there is a slight difference in stopping power so I adjust my speed accordingly, which I do anyway on ice and in snow. I have never experienced any problems.

* * * * *

I specifically use Michelin tires because I have found that these tires have excellent stopping power. I never hear my tires squeal, even when I have to brake hard (which is rare). They stop equally well on wet road surfaces.

When I do have to deal with snow I find all season tire traction sufficient. Check out my winter driving tips to learn more about how I avoid the need for snow tires.

If I lived in the country and had to deal with substantial snow I would look at winter tires a little differently.

My Simple Steps For Buying Tires

First I use Consumer Reports to determine the type of tire I want.

Then I look around at a few places that I’m familiar with to compare prices. I get clear on the service that comes with that price. I tend to stay away from out-of-way places that have tons of free tires but not brands I know or want.

I want service that includes installation, balancing, new valve stems, and rotating tires every 10000 kms. I prefer a place that also does alignments although I do not expect that to be included in the tire price. Free repairs is also a nice bonus.

Once I’ve picked the place, I buy my tires and get them balanced, installed and aligned.

Lastly I enjoy the ride knowing that tires are handled for another 130,000+ kms.

Here’s the link again to a Consumer Reports page on tires. This will open in a new window.

I highly recommend a subscription. Click on the subscription button at the top left for pricing and subscribing. You can get online access or the magazine mailed to you.

I like the online access for quick research. I like the magazine for reading. It is full of new reviews of cars, electronics, appliances and much more in each issue. A combo subscription is less than just the online monthly access.

You will experience a new confidence when you go shopping for any major item with this unbiased information.

As always drive safe, drive smart and…

Enjoy The Ride.